1. Ladies Lunch

    Spent a lazy Sunday afternoon with Michane and Klaudia, nibbling on treats and sipping wine. Klaudia has the most beautiful courtyard in her block of flats, so we relaxed outside, and were visited by countless squirrels and a bunny rabbit!

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  2. The Dog’s Bollucks

    Before I went away to Thailand, I had dinner at a fantastic restaurant called The Dog’s Bollucks with my fabulous friends Klaudia and Michane. They make the most overwhelmingly delicious burgers you’ve ever laid eyes on! I ate the dream-worthy New Yorker (which is very sneakily a lot more burny than you’d think, which I loved). Check out the photos below of their fantastic food and awesome, laid-back atmosphere.

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  3. I’m such a breakfast girl. I simply love the fact that it can be sweet or savoury! What a choice…

    So I treated myself on Sunday morning, to a smorgasbord of delights. Peanut butter toast, strawberries & castor sugar and my favourite green tea, with a dash of lemon juice. I laid them all out on my beautiful wooden board, that was a gift from my cousin Tracy’s wedding. 

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  4. On Sunday night, I got a sneak peek inside Peter’s house. It’s a new cafe that’s going to opening in Cape Town, across the road from Rafiki’s. I can’t share too much because it’s not open yet, but don’t you just adore the signs on the boys’ and girls’ bathrooms? Too adorably sweet!


  5. I still use my lunchbox from high school. As you can see, it’s a little bit worn, but I adore it. Every time I see the happy little Hello Kitty she makes me smile.

    I love fruit, but only when I’m in the mood for it. I prefer to drink all of my fruit in one smoothie, it just seems to be less of a chore for me. But generally during winter it’s too cold for smoothies, so plain fruit is the way to go.

    Delicious plain yogurts rock. I often add a bit of honey into the mix, to make it sweeter.

    My daily staples are cashew, pecan and almond nuts, as well as sugar dusted dried fruit.

    I’m obsessed with popcorn and green tea - have them everyday.

    I generally bring something from dinner the night before - today it’s a left over piece of rump steak!

    I also always pack the essentials - a serviette and a little spoon for my yogurt.


  6. My most favourite food in the whole world (for the moment). Spinach and feta quiche, from Charly’s Bakery.



  8. I love my shoes fancy, and my food without the frills. You can give me a burger over foie gras any day. When you want a great burger, Hudsons is the place to go to. With a seemingly endless array of delicious burgers (as well as pizzas and side dishes) and the best strawberry daiquiris in Cape Town, what more could a girl want?

    If you’d like to try more than one burger, there are the ‘slider’ options - three mini burgers with different delectable toppings.

    Hudsons run a fab monthly competition - name and design a burger with 5 of their yumlicious toppings and you could win a R300 meal voucher. Your burger also goes on sale for that month. 

    Mmmm… I’m thinking ‘The Adonis’ - A lamb burger with Tatziki, mozzarella, garlic and roasted tomatoes.


  9. I ate Nutella on toast for breakfast in the sunshine, wearing floral pants and a smile.


  10. My fabulous friend Barbra, from Munich, invited a couple of us over to her flat 2 weeks ago. After Silvia had made us some traditional Italian food, it was Barbra’s turn to showcase some German cuisine. I can’t recall exactly what it was called, but it was simply delicious - almost like a beef stew with noodles and potatoes. We had so much fun drinking, taking photos and wearing silly hats and wigs. Who knew I could pull off lumo orange hair?