1. Sorry about my leave of absence

    I went on a trip to Phuket and Phi Phi Island in Thailand - it was simply dream worthy. I’ve got a couple of photos to share… an outfit post and a few snaps of the crazy ‘Bangla Road’… They’ll come in time. But click ‘read more’ below for a quick preview.

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  4. Did I mention that I’m off to Thailand in September with my parents?

    Well I am, and I’m crazy-excited about it! When I travel, I’m an obsessive journaler (Is that even a word? Now it is). I write down everything and collect every ticket stub/brochure/pamphlet/flyer/postcard that falls into my line of sight and in it goes. I always travel with my stick of glue and pair of scissors, so I can journal on the go. It’s often a really great way to pass the time while you’re waiting in an airport or on a long journey.

    In Typo on Tuesday night I found this beautiful little travel diary, with the words

    Let’s find someplace beautiful and get lost.

    What a dream! And for only R40, what a bargain too!


  5. As I’m off to the Karoo in 3 days time, I thought I’d share what I keep in my handbag while I’m in places that are a little more rustic than the city life I’m used to.

    A satchel is the best things to use because I’ll generally be walking through the veld (bush) a lot while I’m away, and you generally have to climb a few fences, so I’ll need my hands free. Also, It’s easier if you’re wanting to take photos. So here are a couple of NB items that I’ll be bringing with me to the Karoo…

    1. Wet wipes and tissues. I can’t stress this enough. What could be more gross that a petrol station bathroom with no toilet paper or running water?
    2. Hair elastics - I’m used to Cape Town weather, which changes hourly and usually ends each day in gale force winds, and without the trillion hair elastics I carry on me, my hair would be a bird’s nest.
    3. A pocket knife. This is super important when you’re going into the bush. They have a million and one uses, and mine even has a nail file.
    4. Chewing gum. I don’t need to reason this.
    5. Clear nail varnish. I always carry clear nail polish with me, it can be used to prevent ladders in stockings from spreading and gluing things back in place.
    6. Canon D450 camera. I was considering bring my Diana Mini with too… But then I’ll also want to pack in the instax, and then the Polaroid will feel lonely at home.
    7. Lip ice. My lips tends to crack because of the dry, inland climate. I’m used to the moist costal air.
    8. My Moleskine and stationary. Every day, every where.
    9. My huge, fabulous, offensively-sized sunnies. Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean the sun won’t shine.
    10. Water. Source of life, defier of wrinkles, delicious and darn good for you.