1. Dress - random shop in Thailand flower - Mother Nature 



  3. hat - Woolworths necklace - Spanish piece of eight (gifted) | top - Identity |skirt - vintage |cross ring - Urban Outfitters | ring - vintage |watch - Guess | shoes - Madison 


  4. Look at these amazing photos taken by the talented Preyen Moodley and styled by Sian Bianca Moss. We shot yesterday, and I’m just itching to see some of the other looks!


  5. My first (and only) outfit that I documented while I was away last weekend. I’m looking forward to being home this weekend and possibly re-vamping my bedroom!


  6. This is the last of my outfit posts before I leave on holiday - so no more posts until Sunday evening!




  9. TOPSHOP is coming to Cape Town

    I’ve gone all topsy-turvy because according to Glamour Magazine SA, Topshop’s first pop-up store will will be opening in Cape Town at Unknown Union, 24 Kloof Street, on 12 July 2012. I’ll be home from my short trip to the Karoo by then, which is making me smile like a lunatic. Fingers crossed this happens, because there have been rumours about this happening for about a year now.

    you can read about it here


  10. My marvelous friend, Klaudia, who blogs at The Maw You Wish For has opened up her Etsy shop. She’s selling beautiful handmade Agate jewelry.

    I blogged about her a few months ago - she lent me a beautiful necklace to wear, and it quickly became a staple accessory in my wardrobe.