1. The Life list

    Plant a herb Garden 

    Learn to Sew

    Go to La Tomatina

    Go to Running of the bulls

    Go hunting with my dad

    Keep an Orchid alive

    Sail Croatian seas

    Have an article published  Savour Mag, Issue one

    Drive for a day with no idea where I’m going

    Live in London

    Work in New York

    Buy a pair of Jimmy Choos

    Own a boston terrier

    Have a visual Journal and carry it with me

    Complete my ‘Wreck This Journal’

    Write and post a letter to a friend x2

    Form a book club

    Take an italian cooking class

    Re-vamp my blog

    Do a web design course

    Start an Etsy shop with my mother

    Go on a Contiki tour around Europe

    Go back to the Grahams Town festival

    See the statue of David