1. My new diary for 2013… It’s just perfect!

    I bought it from Forever New, and added extra pictures myself. I page through it now and it’s like a whirlwind of inspiration!


  2. There are some major, unforeseen changes occurring in my life. I can’t post about them yet because I’ve haven’t told many of the people who are closest to me, and  don’t think it’s quite right to post about it on my blog before I let them all know…

    Let’s just say that I’m open for freelancing.


  3. The Btech Project. Post #3

    The Btech project is slowly taking form. It’s becoming slightly annoying, because I’ve given up my entire life in complete devotion to achieving a fantastic mark. It’ll all be worth it in the end, I’m sure, and I have an amazing lecturer, Chantelle Arpesella, who’s guiding me through the chaos.

    Anyway, I sound like I hate what I’m doing. Let me just be clear, I don’t. I live for design and creativity. And the most important part of the design process? Great references! Take a look at mine…

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  4. After creating such lovely images for the last edition of Spar Savour magazine, my friend Leigh and I were asked to do some more work for the online mag. We shot and styled two different pieces, although I can’t share them yet because the next edition of Spar Savour only goes live in 13 days time. But here are a few tit bits in the mean time.

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  5. The Btech Project. Post #2

    Remember when I shared my proposal to Seventeen Magazine SA to design their homework diary? Well… I got the gig! (Always wanted to say that…) Click ‘read more’ below if you’re keen to find out how my Btech project is going.

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  6. daily . desk . inspiration



  8. Spar SAVOUR Mag

    Remember when I said I was involved in something super exciting that I couldn’t really speak about yet, because of work censorship and such? Well now I’m free to divulge all the delicious details.

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  9. The Btech Project. Post #1

    I’ve recently written my thesis, entitled ‘The way women are represented in South African media and how this negatively affects the way in which they perceive themselves.’ It took ages, was a huge shlep, but it’s done and I’m proud of it.

    For the next 6 months, we’re spending our time coming up with design solutions for our thesis. I’ve decided to concentrate on teenage girls, and started looking for a brand that I’d be happy to associate myself with.

    Round about the same time, there was a bit of a drastic event taking place in the States - Seventeen Magazine US had pledged to stop photoshopping girls’ faces and bodies - a huge jump forward in promoting a healthy body image for young girls. You currently sign their pledge here, or the SA Seventeen magazine pledge here.

    I decided that I wanted to align myself with the Seventeen Mag brand for my Btech project. I had interned at Seventeen magazine for a week when I was 16, so I was already familiar with them. I was aware that they included a homework diary in their December issue every year, and thinking back to my own obsession with homework diaries in high school (here & here) I thought that I’d take a crack at re-envisioning what a homework diary is supposed to be.

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