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    I’m an avid reader of Jess Lively’s blog.

    Last year there was a turn-a-round in the blogosphere, caused by one of Jess’ posts entitled ‘Things I’m afraid to tell you’. It sparked a wave of prominent bloggers, to open up and admit to their readers that their lives weren’t as perfect as they seemed on their blogs. I think this was such a great idea. With social media throwing us images of perfection at every click, it’s refreshing to have people be so open and honest. Reading many of the posts that were written as a result, made me feel so much better about myself.

    I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed at the moment, and so I thought it might be a nice idea to get my own problems off of my chest… I’m a year late to the party, but who cares. This post is for no one but me, anyway.

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  2. Hey, my comment was featured on The Everygirl!



    I’ve been reading The Everygirl almost every single day since June last year. They have the most wonderful articles and are a constant source of inspiration in all sectors of my life.

    So when they asked for readers to write in explaining how The Everygirl has inspired them, I jumped at my chance to share how much Alaina and Danielle have moved me to be a better version of me.

    I am delighted that my comment was published in the article, The Everygirl Inspired.


  3. Typo Obsession Continued

    In my mind, I’m the queen of organisation.

    Somehow this never seems to translate into my daily life. I put fashion and outfit planning over putting clothes away and tidying up, so inevitably I have a mass clean-up every weekend. What a waste of time, but at least I always look presentable.

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  4. I never thought I’d see the day where I would be dishing out advice.

    Actually that’s a lie, I’m always willing to share my opinion and very few years of knowledge I have gathered so far. So when one of my besties, Leigh, asked a few of us to send through our words of wisdom for her younger sister, who’s about to turn 18, I knew that I’d have loads to say.

    I thought I’d share a few things with everyone…

    • There’s a difference between being a sex symbol and a sex object. Sex and being sexy are very powerful things. Understand that a symbol stands for something, while an object is simply inanimate. It’s not a crime to be sexy, or to have people think that you’re sexy, but back it up with some intellience/kindness/personality. Know it and own it.

    • The sloppy-drunk-girl is not a good look. Neither is puking-in-a-potplant-Peggy, Stumbling-in-stilettos-Stacey or hooking-up-with-everyone-Hannah. I’ve been those girls, those girls don’t feel good the next morning. But you’ll learn those lessons yourself. Just make sure you puke in something and not on someone. This will more than likely cause a fight (possibly inside Steers, at the Engen in Claremont, and leads to fist-friendly-Fiona. She’s not cool at all.)

    • You don’t have to like wine. Or Jagermeister. Or patrone. Or whatever is big at the moment. I hated Four Cousins, but I drank such copious amounts of it because I thought it was cool to drink wine, that the mere smell of it now makes me want to vom. Not cool. Same goes for tequila - which will land you in that drunk-girl phase I was speaking about. Consume with caution. And always with salt and lemon.

    • Don’t worry about or try to plan your perfect future. Just know the direction you’re going in. It’s useless to make a year-by-year, step-by-step goal plan, ‘I’ll get married at 26, have a baby at 28, be a boss by 32’ etc etc. There’s no map book to life - you’ll take wrong turns, have fender benders and meet hills you think you can’t manage, but you can and you will.

    • Fear is incredibly dangerous. I don’t mean fear of completely normal things like sharks, spiders and doorknobs (totes understandable - the germs and bacteria and uuuughhhhh….). I’m talking about fear of the unknown, fear of speaking out, fear of being yourself. It will cut you to shreds, make your life less fabulous than it ought to be and just generally stifle love, creativity and beautiful experiences. So go ahead - look fear in the eye, take all your clothes off and go skinny dipping.

    • Intelligence is sexy! Don’t dumb yourself down - not to make a boy like you, not to make someone feel better about themselves and not to make people laugh. Being stupid isn’t funny. Being clever and witty are traits that can be learned. Know your current events and share your knowledge.

    Anyway, those are just a few of them off the top of my head. Enjoy, go out and live your life fabulously!


  5. The fact that I’m equally excited about my new trail running shoes as I am about my new high heeled boots speaks for itself.

    I promise not to become an annoying fit girl who only posts about races and how fast I run.