1. Ladies Lunch

    Spent a lazy Sunday afternoon with Michane and Klaudia, nibbling on treats and sipping wine. Klaudia has the most beautiful courtyard in her block of flats, so we relaxed outside, and were visited by countless squirrels and a bunny rabbit!

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  2. The Btech Project. Post #3

    The Btech project is slowly taking form. It’s becoming slightly annoying, because I’ve given up my entire life in complete devotion to achieving a fantastic mark. It’ll all be worth it in the end, I’m sure, and I have an amazing lecturer, Chantelle Arpesella, who’s guiding me through the chaos.

    Anyway, I sound like I hate what I’m doing. Let me just be clear, I don’t. I live for design and creativity. And the most important part of the design process? Great references! Take a look at mine…

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  3. Snapshots

    1. Amazing view of Table Mountain from my work

    2. BIG Ideas notebook and a cupcake from Charly’s Bakery - thanks Lisa!

    3. Delicious quiche and wine while shooting for Spar magazine.

    4. Homemade pizza - basil, feta, tomatoes and parma ham - delicious!

    5. A little bird came to sit on the ledge next to my window at work.

    6. Found my high school blazer - over achiever much? 

    7. Checked out the route I’m running for the Gun Run in 2 weeks time.

    8. Chai tea with mom at Beleza on Saturday morning.

    9. Bought pretty earrings from a jewelry sale at tech.

    10. Gifts for the girls all the way from Thailand. That sugar says “Your smiles will tell you what makes you feel good.

    11. Thai Drinks with the girls at The Dog’s Bollocks.

    12. Apple strudel over a design meeting…


  4. After creating such lovely images for the last edition of Spar Savour magazine, my friend Leigh and I were asked to do some more work for the online mag. We shot and styled two different pieces, although I can’t share them yet because the next edition of Spar Savour only goes live in 13 days time. But here are a few tit bits in the mean time.

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  5. The Dog’s Bollucks

    Before I went away to Thailand, I had dinner at a fantastic restaurant called The Dog’s Bollucks with my fabulous friends Klaudia and Michane. They make the most overwhelmingly delicious burgers you’ve ever laid eyes on! I ate the dream-worthy New Yorker (which is very sneakily a lot more burny than you’d think, which I loved). Check out the photos below of their fantastic food and awesome, laid-back atmosphere.

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  6. The Btech Project. Post #2

    Remember when I shared my proposal to Seventeen Magazine SA to design their homework diary? Well… I got the gig! (Always wanted to say that…) Click ‘read more’ below if you’re keen to find out how my Btech project is going.

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  7. Dress - random shop in Thailand flower - Mother Nature 


  8. Sorry about my leave of absence

    I went on a trip to Phuket and Phi Phi Island in Thailand - it was simply dream worthy. I’ve got a couple of photos to share… an outfit post and a few snaps of the crazy ‘Bangla Road’… They’ll come in time. But click ‘read more’ below for a quick preview.

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  9. Barb and I at 31