1. An Aesthetic Adventure has moved…

    After blogging for 2 and a half years, I’ve jumped ship and moved my blog over to Wordpress.

    You can now find me here: www.anaestheticadventure.com



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    I’m an avid reader of Jess Lively’s blog.

    Last year there was a turn-a-round in the blogosphere, caused by one of Jess’ posts entitled ‘Things I’m afraid to tell you’. It sparked a wave of prominent bloggers, to open up and admit to their readers that their lives weren’t as perfect as they seemed on their blogs. I think this was such a great idea. With social media throwing us images of perfection at every click, it’s refreshing to have people be so open and honest. Reading many of the posts that were written as a result, made me feel so much better about myself.

    I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed at the moment, and so I thought it might be a nice idea to get my own problems off of my chest… I’m a year late to the party, but who cares. This post is for no one but me, anyway.

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  3. Hey, my comment was featured on The Everygirl!



    I’ve been reading The Everygirl almost every single day since June last year. They have the most wonderful articles and are a constant source of inspiration in all sectors of my life.

    So when they asked for readers to write in explaining how The Everygirl has inspired them, I jumped at my chance to share how much Alaina and Danielle have moved me to be a better version of me.

    I am delighted that my comment was published in the article, The Everygirl Inspired.


  4. Anonymous said: you need to cross out "Do a web design course" in your life list post. Just keeping you up to date:) hehe Love you HBomb

    You are too precious Saatchi :)

    And thanks for the reminder <3


  5. My new diary for 2013… It’s just perfect!

    I bought it from Forever New, and added extra pictures myself. I page through it now and it’s like a whirlwind of inspiration!


  6. I don’t like to reblog things, because I’d rather post original content than something that’s already been done.. But this just rang SO true to me that I had to share it.

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  8. Snapshots


    1. Night out at 31.

    2. Michane’s goodbye party.

    3. MCQP - most amazing party!


    4. Cuddling Ollie Bear the bunny rabbit!

    5. Sunsets in Pringle Bay.

    6. Green pancakes made into letters… with love from Michane.


    8. Lunchworks delicious-ness!

    9. Final exhibition at CPUT for EVER!!! Thank goodness…

    10. The Seventeen homework diary I designed is finally on the shelves!


  9. There are some major, unforeseen changes occurring in my life. I can’t post about them yet because I’ve haven’t told many of the people who are closest to me, and  don’t think it’s quite right to post about it on my blog before I let them all know…

    Let’s just say that I’m open for freelancing.


  10. Snapshots

    1. Had a sunset dip in an awesome pool.

    2. Treated to a sweetie pie covered in delicious dark chocolate.

    3. Participate in the ‘Shoebox Project.’ Christmas presents to underprivileged kiddies.

    4. I’ve been recieving photos of Botswana from a certain someone…

    5. A cupcake from sweet Amy, to celebrate my final day of interning.

    6. Failed attempt at dressing Jimi up as a mummy for Halloween.

    7. Lazy lunch on a perfect day, at Moyo Blouberg, with my parents.

    8. Food styling and shooting with Leigh, for Spar magazine.

    9. Proof prints of the Seventeen Magazine Homework diary 2013!!!!!!